Getting started with Upkit

These instructions will use upkit to create a simple Unity3D project which depends on Newtonsoft.Json on Nuget Gallery.

The source code to this project can be also found under examples/simple-app.


  • Python 2.7 or above, with pip.
  • (optional) nuget for resolving Nuget dependencies.
  • (optional) git for resolving Git dependencies.


$ pip install upkit

Step 1: Create Upkit project

Creating a new Upkit project is as simple as:

$ upkit create-package simple-app

Step 2: Edit Upkit config file upkit.yaml

Upkit will create a new folder named simple-app, where you can find upkit.yaml. This file contains all the information Upkit needs in order to create your Unity project. Now, modify it to let Upkit know the project will depends on NewtonSoft.Json:

# upkit.yaml
  project: '{{__dir__}}/project'
  - target: '{{__assets__}}'    
    source: '{{__dir__}}/assets'
    content: ['*']

  - target: '{{__plugins__}}'
    source: '{{__dir__}}/plugins'
    content: ['*']

  - target: '{{__project__}}/ProjectSettings'
    source: '{{__dir__}}/settings'
  - target: '{{__project__}}/Packages'
    source: '{{__dir__}}/packages'

  # Add project dependencies here: 
  - source: 'nuget:Newtonsoft.Json@11.0.2#lib/net35'
    target: '{{__plugins__}}/Newtonsoft.Json'

Notice the second-last line where we instruct Upkit to resolve a Nuget library with nuget: scheme. Yes, it’s that simple.